Loving You Unconditionally

I love you,the words that we want to hear from the person we love.The moment you feel it,you jump into a relationship with no hesitation. Others differ it as mutual relationship that started as friendship. The main question is, what is Love?Define the true meaning of love base on the different perspective of human being.How can we define love to be understand by all?What is the difference between I love you and I’m in love with you?
People always say,we really can’t define love until we’ve been in love. With all the people I ask about it,they always say that it is a feeling you cannot understand.Happiness,sufferings and pain are all mix up to the recipe of Love. I always want to experience to be love and to love but I’m afraid to the consequences of hurting from it.I don’t want to suffer and receive pain from the one I love. They told me if you want to be in a relationship,you have be ready in hurt and pain.
My friend is in deep pain because of love. She suffered so much because of too much love she gave to her boyfriend. I can’t blame her because she really love that person but I’m so pissed of her because she always forgave that person even he hurts her over and over again.I don’t understand why they cheat? Why they are not contented with what they have.I struggle to understand what you have to do to stay inlove. Sometimes, its hard to stay inlove for years with 1 person.
I’m still hoping that 1 day i’m fully prepared and ready to face a different kind of love from a person.Not a love from my parents nor love from my friends but the love of a lifetime.I know that there is no perfect relationship that usually happen from  fairytales that I used to watch when I was a kid but I know that if I meet the person that will give his all to me,maybe we can start the relationship into the right kind of love we want to experience. There’s a lot of trials and obstacles for 2 people to establish a good relationship, however, if they really want to stay happy they need to work hard to focus on 1 thing,Stay in love with the person you promise your everlasting companionship in life.Being together in this sinful world is difficult to maintain but, you can live here beautifully with that person  if you want to. There’s always a happy in every love stories of this universe.We just need to keep believing that there is 1 man or woman that is given by God that will love you.

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