Fallen 44

Hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo is trending worldwide.The country is crying for those 44 PNP-SAF members who died in Mamasapano Maguindanao.The Family and the whole country is asking the same question Why??why people need to die??Its an encounter in the Mindanao part of the Philippines which Muslim rebels and the PNP SAF start their all out war against each other.There’s a peace agreement between the MILF and the government to take their guns down for the sake of the people of Mindanao. An operation to hunt Marwan a wanted rebel not only in the Philippines but internationally proclaimed as a terrorist is the main target of the mission. The SAF entered the place of the MILF in Maguindanao which is the reason why the clash of both parties started.There are only 45 PNP-SAF versus hundreds of MILF member in Mamasapano and only one is alive because he hide in the water with water lilies.They are brutally murdered by those rebels.The arrival of the body of Fallen 44 in Villamor Air Base is unacceptable.That is why people is not happy that our President did not show up in the arrival of the Fallen 44.#NasaanAngPangulo is trending worldwide because of the improper and unacceptable excuse of Noynoy Aquino that its not on schedule..The PNP-SAF deserves a heroes welcome by the president of the Philippines to honor the greatness of those member of the SAF who gave their life to protect the country.You better act as president not just normal politician who doesn’t care and just sit in their big house comfortably while those people is on duty defending the nation from those terrorist who wants to destroy our peaceful life!


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