Valentines Day!

Its already February which means Valentines day is coming.Another year for me to spend it alone.Yeah,you heard it right,ALONE.Last January 15,I celebrate my 26th birthday….Yes!!!that’s correct I’m already 26 and yet I’m still single and don’t have time to mingle.I never experience life with someone with my side as a lover.I definitely don’t know the answer with the question why??This 2015 I already give myself a due date that before 2016 I’m already in a relationship. (LOL) How come I gave myself a due to get a man to be my boyfriend?That is the most crazy thing I’ve ever decided in my life. I always say that I need to wait with the right person and there is a right time for love..But….There’s always a gigantic BUT!!!You are not young anymore!! I don’t know whats wrong with me.Am I choosy?Am I difficult to please?Am I too conservative?Or Is this what I want? I don’t know either.But maybe I’m just afraid to get hurt.I’m not very good in flirting nor good in showing to someone that I like him.I don’t go out often to socialize.Am I anti-social?Of course not!!!I’m just shy or maybe my mom is very strict when I’m still in school,but for god sake,your already old!(i know right…….)  I also dream that someday I will meet my destiny.The prince that every Disney princess wait to kiss them and will live happily ever after. How I wish someone will give me flowers and chocolates every valentines day that we will spend together.A man that will show me the meaning of Love in a romantic way.

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