R3J2CM= Friends

Its been a while.After 12 years of being friends with Richard,Ricardo,Rachel,Maureen,Jona and Cristy is such a wonderful memories of being young and being true to yourself.I woke up this morning wanting to draw because I’m bored!While looking for some pictures that i would like to draw,I saw those letters they gave me in high school (friendster and facebook is not yet popular that time).I also saw our high school pictures that really strikes me in the heart.I really miss them a lot.They are my true friends even though we don’t see each other much. Jona and Maureen is working abroad,Rachel is married,Richard is in Manila,Cristy works in a health center and Ricardo also work in a hospital.I really miss hanging out with them.Miss our chats,exchanging of jokes and just having fun the whole day.Even though we don’t see each other more often,I know in my heart they are my best friends forever.We’re here for each other through thick and thin.We support every decision we’ve made in life.And no matter what happens, they are my best buddies. No judgement because you can be yourself if you are with them.I really thank God because He gave me those people who will guide you,support you and love you the way you are.No hesitation of telling you the good and bad in your attitude.They will tell you the meanest thing on earth but giving you the advise you will never forget.They will eat your food without asking permission.They will not say sorry.They will tell you how ugly you are with that dress.But they will never leave you alone in the darkest part of your life.And that is what you call “Friendship”.I miss you guys so much!!18748_1223988692039_3455731_n



Now…Richard and Jona is not around..


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