You Love Art

I just found out this app called “Sketchpad”. Since I was a kid,I’m fond of drawing and painting. I enjoy paintings,different architecture.It was my dream to become a painter.I love colors, and since then I’am a fan of painters like Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.In elementary,its my first time to know about artist and I already know that its a passion for me. I can sit the whole day just painting and staring on a beautiful piece. In the past,I always get all the calendar that my mom received every year from disable person that do paintings with feet.I always copy those paintings even though I know its not good at all.I feel happy whenever I see paintings.I can live inside Louvre in Paris for the rest of my life (LOL…just kiddin)But yeah,its my dream that one day God will give me an opportunity in the future to become who I wanna be.A chance to do what I want and to paint just for once..Right now I can’t sacrifice my responsibility for my family and go away just for my own happiness and aspirations in life.I need to choose 1 thing.Sometimes,even though we love to do things but there is so many reason why we can’t do it.Its a matter of choosing 1 thing and reject a thousand things in life.Sometimes you ask Him,why its so unfair for me but u can’t ask for answers you already know.I discover this sketchpad app and I tried it.It was awesome and I enjoy this app.I feel happy again to paint even though its hard to use it.I hope 1 day,I will see myself painting in a beautiful place living far away and enjoying the sunrise and sunset that is always my favorite to draw….One day,my dreams do come true 🙂

My favorite painting ofcourse…..Starry starry night 🙂

DrawingMy first paint in sketchpad.

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