Change of Plans

Its 2:45 am and I’m still awake.I’ve read so many things today that open my mind to a bigger goal in life.I started thinking about what I would like to become and what I need to do.Its not just a dream or aspiration but its a goal that I need to achieve.In the middle of the night,I thought so many plans I could probably do starting monday.I plan to apply for my masteral.I will study again and teach students.I would love to become a professor.Its not just a plan and ends as a plan.Its a plan that will ends to my own future.I’m asking the universe to give me confidence,intelligence and patience to fulfill my goal.Its what I want and its what I need.Its not for today but its for tomorrow.I’m not a child anymore who stay at home,looking for a miracle and dealing with silly things inside our house.I need to go out,meet people,learn new things,experience the world and claim the greatest thing on earth that’s called LIFE.A life which starts with dreams and become a reality.I will change my path as a homo sapiens.The laziness of the past will be erase by the present and will be forgotten in the future.Its a matter of changes every single day but remember every step of the way for a brighter one.If its God’s will,It will be done……….


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