I learned

Its totally new to me these things that I’ve heard from Maya Angelou,I already admire Oprah but Maya Angelou is one of the people with ability of inspiring people through her words,her wisdom and faith.Being able to know about life as it is,is totally a difficult thing to understand.About who you are sounds familiar however, can we really define ourselves truthfully.Doubt is one of the things we need to consider in finding your true identity or your true self.Am I pretending someone else?Or am I really this person?Those are truly difficult question you’ll ever encounter with yourself if you look in the mirror.Is it possible that I don’t know things about me?Maya Angelou Broaden my knowledge in so many things.I learned to commit in whatever life is pushing me to do.The universe has given me the opportunity to search my being to this world.Commitment,is one of the things I understand that is important to life.Commitment to people around you,commitment to the things you can offer through your capability and commitment to yourself to do what is just and righteous.It matters what you do because it will be your path to the bottom line of your life in this world.Doing that will define your existence or your presence in the society which God put you.I wonder about what will happen next but I know God has already planned your life so you don’t need to waste your time thinking about it.With Maya Angelou’s perception about everything is the best explanation of how you control your life with others.I’m so grateful to know this woman of passion.Thank you lovely Maya Angelou.Its a pleasure to know you..


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