2016: January 15,2016 is on of the best birthday and most inspiring.It was a pleasant morning that I have no idea whats coming but my mind know what to do that day,I checked who greeted me in facebook.Hilarious but obviously its one of my happy moments,seeing those messages from people who manage to have atleast a minute or 2 just to post a HBD in my wall.That day,I’m not really planning to celebrate it nor I do want cook pancit or sopas or spaghetti which is a tradition of a Filipino who celebrate birthday.My boss didn’t send my salary so,I don’t have money to buy something for my birthday.It was upsetting and at the same time my friends want to celebrate it.Mira called me and asking me to go to the mall and have some fun that day and Ate Gladys asking me to go in her place because they are giving me a simple celebration.I do not want them to spend money just for me but I realized that I’m so grateful that I have friends like them.They made it so special and I felt something that made my self clear that when you find true friends it will last forever.

Its also the first birthday which I will celebrate with a special someone.Joey’s gift is unique and romantic.It was not a material thing but his poem made my day complete.

” I love you more than you can ever imagine, I never realized that when I met you, I wouldn’t fall in love but I’d be crashing into it. I just sent you a simple hello, and now every time I see you, I wish you you’d never go. Some days I just sit and stare out my window and pray for the day that I can hold you and never let go.
You came into my life when I thought I was broken. I had closed off my heart and I figured it would never open. I was so lost and couldn’t breathe it felt like I was choking. Then I saw you for the first time and let my eyes soak in a woman whom at first I thought would only be my friend. I thought like all the others in my life you’d drift off into the wind, but then I fell in love with you and I knew I’d never be the same again.
It had been so long since i’d felt those feelings. I was scared to let them in again. But every time you smiled I knew I couldn’t pretend. You were wonderful you made the blood in my heart run like little children. I knew I loved you and I knew you loved me, I just didn’t know where to begin.
I was so used to being alone. I thought I’d never find anyone again. I thought God was punishing me for some unnamed sin.
But then I met you Jeng, and you saved my life. So much was broken and I thought it’d never be fixed. But you gave me hope and you restored my faith. So many nights I wanted to cry but seeing you kept me from breaking. Loving you kept my legs shaking. I was filled with a drug, a feeling which I had lost so long ago. I knew I had to keep you with me, rain hail sleet or snow. Because you kept me from fearing the things that lurked below. You made me strong when I was weak. I knew I could tell you anything and my secrets you would keep. You gave me sweet release and made me a better man. I will thank you for that until the day I die. I’ll hold you soon and tell you everything will be alright. I’ll protect you from the things in this world that try to break us, because I know with a little faith. There’s nowhere that this love cant take us.
I know you’re far away, on the other side of the world. But I also know it’s your love that keeps me warm when I’m cold. I know it’s only your hand which I long to hold and your lips which I cant wait to kiss. I don’t know why we met each other, but I do know that God’s at work in this. For you see I was so close to giving up. I was so close to giving in. When I lost my father I thought I’d never be right again. He took his life and for so many nights I didn’t sleep I’d lose myself and I’d weep, but when I saw you I knew that I had to keep going. Because you showed me what it was like to feel my blood flowing. I knew with you I had something, I had someone and for the first time in a long time I felt love, which I knew was real and that’s better than any pill a doctor could give me. You gave me hope when I had lost everything. You were my butterfly and I’ll float forever in harmony on your wings. You’ll carry me and I’ll carry you until one day we are together and I can marry you.
I’m not perfect and I know I’m hard to understand. Sometimes I don’t even get myself and I thank you for being there to hold my hand and pull me up when I was sinking. You see before I met you I was different. I was a bad man who made decisions different from God’s plan. I used to scream for him and wonder why he wasn’t listening. I used to pray and wonder why they weren’t answered. I used to wish I had died from cancer. My father would mistreat me every night and I would wonder why God would let him hurt me. But now I see he was teaching me, teaching me how to love you perfectly.
And now that I’ve found you I know that there is someone for everyone and I can’t let go. I can never leave you behind, because when I needed my life back you gave me mine, when I needed a light it was you that made it shine.
I never wanted to be in Colorado. But I had to go, to let the bad people in my life know that I was going to leave that behind and go with God to a better place and clear my head. But as my heads gotten clearer I’ve learned that with you in my life there is nothing to fear. I will make it here because I will become a better man.
I will not rest until I can hold your hand and look into your eyes and see a woman that truly loves me and I’ll look back and say I love you too. I’ll never be broken again because I know that one day I’ll get to see you and do all the things we plan to. I know one day I’ll hold your hand look back at you and slide a ring into your grasp, because honey we’ve built something that will last and I can’t wait to ask you to marry me. But don’t lose hope honey never give up. Because you found me and I promise to always hold you up.
hold on.”

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