The worst but still the best..

Its been awhile since I post something here in my blog.I had a roller coaster moments in my life this year.At first,I had a wonderful experience with my first boyfriend.I felt like it won’t end and then he suffered from brain injury,every wonderful memories fade away just like that.He’s very sweet,charming,affectionate,always showing me that he appreciates me all the time,he said I love you often and he always care but when he became sick,he became a stranger too.He is cold,distant and I couldn’t understand him now.My daddy uncle died this year,his wife too which is like a mother to me and its a devastating situation that cause my sadness.I lost my job,my boyfriend’s change behavior and I lost loved ones.That was a terrible moments of my life.Our family had misunderstanding,my aunt saying rude and hurtful things to me and my mom when my uncle daddy died.These are the factors that made me stress,that cause my anxiety became a depression.I’m suffering with irritability, change of moods,over thinking,negativity,lack of sleep and terrible sadness.I find myself crying in the middle of the night which is weird because I had a happy day.The lowest point of my life that changed the way I see things however,my faith telling me to stop and think positive.God is my source of power and happiness.I’m willing to start again and continue surviving.

Right now,I’ve decided to treat myself,love myself and take care of myself.I eat healthy food,I go out more often,I exercise and do yoga,I don’t care anymore what other people think of me,I’m happy the way I’am,I will find a best counselor/doctor that will help me in my depression and I will be happy no matter what happen.I’m tired of thinking problems and crying because of all the shit in my life.I would rather commit myself to something that will allow me to live in a wonderful and peaceful world that God created.I have so many plans for myself,I wanted to write more stories that will inspire people,I want to experience the beauty of life,I wanna go to different places,I wanna meet people who can still smile in spite of difficulties,I wanna travel the world,I wanna draw unique faces,I wanna paint,I wanna give love,I wanna live and pursue things that will lead me on something spectacular in this place called “Earth”.One thing is magnificent,everything that happened to me is a learning process and taught me to be strong.

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